Code of Ethics



    The purpose of the Code of Ethics and Business Practices is to outline the standards of conduct and the principles of equality, justice, ethics and morality observed by Advance Hoopoe (Proprietary) Limited (hereinafter referred to as “HUPU”, “our,” “we,” or “us”) to safeguard the integrity of HUPU and the rights of its employees, service providers and customers.


    HUPU requires its employees to uphold the standards of conduct and the principles of this code, to embrace the vision, mission and values of HUPU and to protect and build upon its reputation as a beacon of excellence and innovation.


    1. Integrity:

      to communicate and act consistently with high levels of honesty and fidelity and to steadfastly adhere to highest moral principles and professional standards;

    2. Adaptability:

      to display a willingness and ability to adjust and adapt one's viewpoint or behaviour in the face of ever-changing environments and circumstances;

    3. Responsibility:

      to maintain accountability for one's own behaviour and actions, while displaying a willingness to learn from one's mistakes and to embrace challenges in the workplace;

    4. Open Communication:

      to promote understanding and commonality through the giving and receiving of information, views and opinions in a measured and objective manner and to actively participate and communicate through the structures and forums created by HUPU;

    5. Interpersonal Sensitivity:

      to display respect, understanding and empathy for the feelings, beliefs, views and needs of others and to be sensitive as to the effect of your own behaviour on others;

    6. Resolve:

      to espouse gentle determination and enthusiasm in striving to deliver an ever-improving service and surpass performance barriers;

    7. Problem Solving:

      to analyse and assess patterns in and links between information, ideas, work processes, applications and data in order to identify the core of problems and thereupon formulate and implement appropriate solutions;

    8. Customer Service:

      to provide prompt, efficient and personalised service through a positive disposition and the establishment and maintenance of good relationships and supportive networks;

    9. Teamwork:

      to work and act co-operatively with others in a team and to promote positive team dynamics by constructively and calmly addressing disagreements and potential conflicts;

    10. Innovation:

      to be open to new ideas, initiate change, improve or modify existing concepts and to display a willingness to experiment and take calculated risks;

    11. Business Acumen:

      to strive to understand and apply sound and generally accepted business principles in optimising service and advancement.


    HUPU is committed to preserve and protect the environment. Employees are urged to assume and embrace the universal responsibility to conserve natural resources, avoid pollution and waste and to employ environmentally safe practices.


    1. Company funds and property:
      1. HUPU implements measures for the safeguarding and proper and efficient use of company funds and property and strives to conduct its business judiciously and with due regard to the rights and interests of third parties and environmental considerations.

      2. Actual or suspected loss, damage, misuse, theft or embezzlement of company funds and the destruction of property is addressed as a priority and managed accordingly.

    2. Proprietary Information:
      1. Proprietary information is information or knowledge that HUPU does not wish to be disclosed to outsiders, except as required by law, because disclosure would prejudice HUPU’S competitiveness or harm its financial well-being. Where a situation requires, HUPU may insist that non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality undertakings are signed by suppliers and their employees;

      2. Proprietary Information includes, but is not limited to, information about:

        1. HUPU’S business, financial, marketing and service plans;

        2. research and development activities and results, inventions and patent applications;

        3. employee records;

        4. network management;

        5. confidential service processes or know-how;

        6. non-public information about services and processes; and

        7. any other information that may be regarded as confidential, including copyright in and to source code.

    3. Company Records:
      1. Company records include customer, employee and payroll records, vouchers, accounts, timesheets, measurements, performance and service records and other essential business records and documentation;

      2. The maintenance of accurate and complete records is critical to HUPU meeting its financial, legal and managerial obligations, in addition to fulfilling its legal and contractual duties to customers, suppliers, employees and others. Records are retained according to prevailing legal requirements and file retention systems. HUPU gives high priority to safeguarding records and only discloses the same when lawfully obliged in terms of contract or statutory law.

    4. Copyright:
      1. HUPU upholds and endorses all Copyright laws which are designed to protect the original expression in and to, inter alia, written materials, software, works of art and music and prohibits the unauthorised duplication, distribution, display or performance of same. One may not reproduce, distribute or alter material in which copyright vests without the permission of the copyright owner or its authorised agent;

      2. Computer software used in connection with HUPU’S business must be properly licensed and utilised only in accordance with such licence. The use of unlicensed software constitutes a copyright infringement.

      3. Database information may not be disclosed to any third party without the express permission of HUPU.

    5. Financial Reporting & Business Interests:

      HUPU’S accounting, financial and other systems provide accurate and timely reporting on all financial activities of its business. Every accounting and financial record, as well as the supporting data and vouchers, accurately reflect and describe the relevant transactions without omission, concealment and misrepresentation.

    6. Conflicts of interest:

      HUPU and its employees shall at all times conduct themselves in their mutual best interests and not for undue individual or personal gain. Further, HUPU will not enter into unauthorised business relations with competitors nor own a competing business offering trading assistance to any third party.

    7. Customers:

      HUPU recognises that integrity and customer satisfaction are integrally interwoven. In today's fiercely competitive market-place HUPU recognises that success is founded upon impressing customers with the level and efficiency of services and by strict adherence to the highest ethical standards. In striving to achieve these objectives HUPU aspires to contribute to both the success of its business and that of its affiliates. The following guidelines for ethical conduct applies to HUPU and its affiliates and must be observed at all times:

      1. complete honesty, integrity and open communications are fundamental to ensuring that customers understand the terms of our contracts, performance criteria, schedules, fees, rights and responsibilities;

      2. credibility is essential for lasting relationships and misrepresentations of our services and products will not be tolerated;

      3. vigorous and effective competition are acceptable only if conducted fairly;

    8. Selection of Suppliers:

      HUPU strives to build healthy working relationships with its suppliers and they are considered our partners in striving to achieve the highest standards of quality and service for our customers. Our choice of suppliers is based on merit and the balanced value of their products and services, subject to considerations of, inter alia, price, quality, service delivery and reputation. HUPU applies fair, legally sound, equitable, consistent and transparent procurement processes.

    9. Advertising and Marketing:

      The manner in which HUPU advertises and markets its services recognises the importance of maintaining the trust of customers and the growth of the HUPU businesses. An advertisement can establish a prospective customer's first impression of HUPU, and motivate the customer to try a new service or product. Advertising and Marketing is vital to secure loyal customers and to enhance HUPU’S reputation and market share. To maintain customer fidelity, advertisements and other communications must always accurately and fairly describe our products and services. HUPU intends to employ ongoing and effective marketing strategies and welcomes contributions and input.


    HUPU encourages the Group to participate in support incentives in the local market which enhance, uplift and build the local community. It further strives to bring its products and services to previously disadvantaged communities, disabled persons and rural areas.


    HUPU is committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all our dealings with potential, current and past customers, both in terms of normal commercial confidentiality, and the protection of all personal information received in the course of providing the business services concerned. HUPU extends the same standards to all its suppliers and associates.


    HUPU always conducts its own services honestly and honourably, and expects its customers and suppliers to reciprocate accordingly. HUPU’S advice, strategic assistance and the methods take proper account of ethical considerations, together with the protection and enhancement of the moral disposition of customers and suppliers.


    HUPU’S actions and advice will always conform to relevant law. HUPU considers that all businesses and organisations should uphold the human rights of the people in the organisations HUPU deals with in the the local and wider environments, as well as enhancing the well-being of society at large.

  10. PRICES

    HUPU’S prices are always competitive for the products and services provided, which are high quality, tailored and specialised. As such HUPU does not generally offer arbitrary discounts and a reduction in price is only facilitated by reducing the level or extent of services to be delivered. That said, HUPU strives to seek solutions which accommodate customers' available budgets and aspirations.


    HUPU reserves the legal rights in, and ownership of, all intellectual property that it creates unless agreed otherwise in HUPU with customers. In return HUPU respects the moral and intellectual rights vested in our customers' intellectual property.


    HUPU maintains quality in products and services offered by constant review with our customers of all aims, activities, outcomes and the cost-effectiveness thereof.


    HUPU conducts all its activities professionally and with integrity, taking great care to be completely objective in judgement and recommendations in the best and proper interests of HUPU’S customers.


    HUPU strives to be fair and objective and does not countenance any discrimination on the basis of, without limitation, gender, race, creed, colour, age or personal disability.